Our result orientated site security keeps your site under control.

Many construction sites are impacted by theft and vandalism. They often also serve as a resting place for homeless and in many cases kids and teens use them as playgrounds. A watchful security company can help you prevent potential losses of several thousand Euro. This is the goal of site security: help you save money.

Our site security has tailor-made solutions. We gladly take the time to discuss your requirements. Call us today!

We will provide a full consultation:
✆ 030 – 917 09 218

Within site security we offer many other services. These include patrols, control centres and fire prevention. We offer comprehensive protection to keep you secure. Our target orientated consulting ensures a professional and effective implementation of our services. Your daily work flow will not be affected. We employ experienced staff in site security. They are very skilled and experienced as well as punctual and with great communication skills. All surveillance is documented and any unusual activities are immediately discussed with the staff on duty. Our site security is of the highest quality. Our staff is the basis for success. Call us today!

What we offer:
• Preventive patrols
• Securing and controlling fences, buildings, materials and machinery
• Entrance rules for suppliers, workers and visitors
• Surveillance of technical equipment and alarm services
• Securing of danger zones
• Fire prevention and emergency fire fighting